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3 Perfect Gifts for Your Friend on Friendship Day

A friend is more than an associate. He or she is your buddy, your secret keeper, your comrade-in-arms, and your partner in crime. This person is your friend.

3 Perfect Gifts for Your Friend on Friendship Day

A friend is more than an associate. He or she is your buddy, your secret keeper, your comrade-in-arms, and your partner in crime. This person is your friend.

3 Finest Anniversary Themed Cakes to Celebrate that Special Day

Whether a couple is  exchanging gifts, or partaking in the creamilicious vanilla cake together while being engrossed by a timeless and inspirational flick, nothing is more special than the two spending time with each other.

3 Kinds of Cakes to Celebrate the Eve of Bhai Dooj

Bhai dooj is a glorious once in a year occasion dedicated to the brother-sister bond. Occurring only once in a year, this event celebrates the special bond between a brother and a sister.

4 Best Rakhi Messages with Chocolates for Your Brother

A Rakhi is always a grand celebration for the brother and sister and also for the family.  A grand spectacle ensues, as the brother ties the sacred bond of Rakhi on the wrist of her brother. Reciprocating this love the brother showers her with presents, beginning the grand celebration of joy.


Rakhi messages and chocolates

Thoughtful and heartwarming Rakhi messages with chocolates are sure to delight your brother. These messages will not only convey your feelings but will make this day special for him. Here are some of the most memorable Rakhi messages and the choicest chocolates to go with it –


  • A bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and a note

Imagine a bar of the best Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate presented to your sweet brother, with a note having your rakhi message printed on it.  Here is a suggestion for the best message -


“There were good times, there were bad times. But what was consistent was the fact that there was you. For that I thank you. Happy Rakhi, brother!”


  • A bar of Toblerone with a card

One of the finest and the most memorable chocolate for Rakhi is the Swiss made Toblerone. Gift your brother with this and witness the delight light up on her face. Need something memorable to go with it, here’s a suggestion –


 “It’s a blessing to have a Brother as dear, as wonderful & as special as you. I pray to God to bless you with happiness, throughout your life. On this beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan, my fondest wishes come to you to make your days wonderful, always. Happy Raksha Bandhan”


  • A box of Ferrero Rocher and a mug with your rakhi message

A box of the most delicious Ferrero rocher chocolates with a rakhi message presented at the side is always joy. Get a box of this chocolate, with a beautiful mug inlaid with a rakhi message straight from your heart. One such suggestion for this message is –


“Whether we are wrestling with each other, or playing a game of hide and seek, it was always fun! Thank you for all the good times, brother. Happy Rakhi!”


  • Nuts  and chocolate with a Rakhi

The delight of the finest chocolate embedded with nuts is always joyous. Expression the rich taste chocolate melting in your mouth as you crunch upon the finest tasting nuts. Even better, present it with a message. Here’s one such message that goes perfectly with this –

“You are my best friend, and at the same time, you are my best enemy. No matter what, it is always fun to have you around! Happy Raksha Bandhan! “


Rakhi gift delivery

Whether you want a message carved on a pumpkin, or just a plain old card, the addition of chocolates always adds to the joy. Send some rakhi cards inlaid with the most beautiful message, along with rakhi with chocolates for your brother.

4 Kinds of Flowers to Gift Your Beloved on His or Her Anniversary

Whether it is the passion-filled embrace of a red rose bouquet, or the innocent blush of a basket of pink lilies, flowers cater to everyone.

3 Kinds of Friendship Bands You Can Gift Your Friend on Friendship Day

A friendship lasts for a lifetime. They say that if nothing else exists anymore, the bond of friendship between you and a true friend will still live on.

4 Gifts to Give Your Wife on Your Anniversary

Gifts may come and go but the memories they create remain forever. Whether you gift your wife a perfume set on your anniversary celebration, or a simple, yet classy bouquet of roses, nothing beats the joy of giving.

4 Special Flower Bouquets to Celebrate Your Beloved’s Birthday

That day is always special when it’s your beloved partner’s birthday. What better way to celebrate this special day than by some flowers.

5 Best Combos of Flowers and Cakes to Light Up a Birthday

They say that the highlights of a birthday are cakes and flowers. A delight for the taste buds, as it is a delight for the mind, these two complement each other well.

3 Rakhi Gifts for Your Beloved Brother

According to Chinese mythology, the forces of Yin and Yang representing positive and negative energy are twin siblings, always counter balancing each other.

Different Gifts to Suit Different Occasions

The tradition of exchanging gifts has always been something that has been there. A gift is more than just an object. It is the physical epiphany of your heart. Gifts hold special reverence and delight for the recipient, something that he or she may remember all life. But choosing the right gift, at the right time is always the problem.


 Here are some guidelines to getting that perfect gift, and spreading joy and delight, that one can never run short of.


Gifting trend – Everlasting and evergreen

The famous American cabaret singer and actor Ken page once said “Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.” A saying that tells what a giving a gift is all about.

It is not the monetary value of the object one gives, but how much feeling and emotion he or she puts into it. As many say “a gift is not simply a material object, it is a portion of one’s heart”.


Here are some gifting trends that have always been popular throughout the ages –


  • A gift that relives those memorable moments one yearns to experience

Nothing spreads joy and happiness more than a gift of remembrance. Bringing back those delightful moments in time, is truly heart touching. It is craved by many, but obtained by few.


Fulfill his or her yearnings to relive that magical moment in time once again, through these gifts. It could be a locket, a photograph, or anything that takes him or her on a ride back to that good old time.


  • A gift to excite ones palate

A cake, or may be a gourmet roasted lamb, or even a simple light-hearted samosa, a treat for the taste buds is something to always look forward to. Tickle your loved one’s culinary fancy, with an exciting dish.


After all “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like”


  • A gift to celebrate festivals and occasions

Whether it is Rakhi or Christmas, nothing adds to the joy and zestfulness of a festival than a delightful gift.


Whether you see that joyous smile on your sweet little sister’s face with the Raksha Bandhan gifts that you shower her with, or you see your father’s stern face break into a  wonderful smile as you give him that gorgeous Christmas cake, a festival always makes any gift extra special.


Do not forget to gift your special ones with that something that will be cherished by him or her on this special day. Send Rakhi online!


  • A gift to bring about that chic and stylish outlook

We all want to look our best. With the advent of the modern age, so, many kinds of clothing apparels and accessories that are stylish and classy are available. From a dapper suit and tie, with an elegant fedora on top, to stylish evening gowns for women, one only needs to imagine what they can give. No matter who you give it to, no one can be disheartened to receive a stylish and trendy clothing accessory.


As a famous slogan of a clothing brand once said “Wear it with style, wear it with attitude”


4 Sugar Free Cakes to Gift Good Health on Birthdays

In a health conscious society, what can be better than a cake without the harmful effects of sugar? It is more of a delight than a sugar free cake. You might be thinking that, how would a cake be a cake without sugar.

4 Interesting Questions About Cakes

They say that a cake is not just a dessert. It is a piece of art. Moist, spongy, and loaded with creamilicious goodness of every imaginable variety, it is a true wonder for all.

11 Incredible Things About Flowers That Every Flower Enthusiast Should Know

Flowers have always been something that holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. Inlaid with meanings and significances, No ceremony is complete without flowers.

Immerse Yourself in The Golden Sparkle of Dhanteras with These Wonderful Gold Roses

A festival of joy Dhanteras, marks the grace and divinity of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The festival is celebrated with reverence all over India.