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5 Special Themed Cakes to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday

Whether he or she is a techie with a love for innovative, performance-driven gadgets, or an outdoorsy person with a taste for a thrilling adventure right into the lap of nature, a cake is guaranteed to delight your friend. From a cake in the shape of the ever-popular cartoon cat Tom from the classic Tom & Jerry, to a smart phone themed cake dotted with the finest vanilla in the form of popular apps on the screen, a themed cake is always a thing of joy.


Themed cakes for birthdays

From gorging upon a slice of cake designed like your favorite music instrument, to savoring one made with your favorite cartoon characters, a themed cake adds ‘delectable’ to an ‘interest of yours’. See all the different popular themed cakes that you can buy from: –


  • Wildlife themed cake– It could be a cake designed in the shape of a horse’s head, or a cake in the shape of some other animal. Your friend will be delighted to receive it, regardless of whether s(he) is a wildlife lover or not.
  • Cartoon themed cake– What can be more cheerful than a cake in the shape of the adorable blue cartoon cat Doraemon, or a cake shaped like Disney’s very own Mickey Mouse?  Whether your friend is a lover of cartoons or not, he or she is bound to be delighted by this cake.
  • Marine life themed cake– Imagine the delight of underwater plants and animals moving gently and gracefully in the seabed. Whether it is the gigantic blue whale, or an 8 limbed octopus, the marine themed cake is a part of the ocean, outside the ocean.
  • Sports themed cake– May be the thought of scoring a goal in a thrilling, action-packed soccer match tickles his or her fancy, or maybe it is the spirit of sportsmanship that s(he) appreciates; whatever it is, be assured that a sports themed cake is guaranteed to bring joy to him or her on the special day you gift it.
  • Music themed cake– From playing harmonious tunes on the guitar to jamming in a rock ‘n’ roll concert, a cake in the shape of a music instrument is a visual treat to the senses. Get a beautiful music themed cake and be delighted by the artistic perfection, and the sweet taste it is created with.


Online cake delivery is now a reality  

Whether your friend is abroad or is living in some other state right here in India, a themed cake is the best way to show you care. After all, what is more special for him than knowing that the cake came from you, his dear friend?! Not a lot if you ask us.  Whether it is Delhi or Chandigarh, online cake delivery service only takes a few clicks of a button!

But why stop just at cakes? There are flowers bouquets available as well. From a red rose bouquet to a basket of pink lilies, create gift combinations is part and parcel of refining your gifting skills. Gifts and flower delivery in Chandigarh and other metros is now conveniently available, so just go for it!


7 Kinds of Cakes to Gift Your Friend on His or Her Birthday

The taste and magic of a cake is something, to always be immersed into. Moist, delicious, and sweet with a cream-filled exterior, no one can be disappointed to receive a cake, no matter the occasion, be it your friend’s birthday, or your anniversary. Here are some suggestions to get the best birthday cakes for your friend, on his or her special day. What can be better than presenting your friend with the best cake?


5 Kinds of Special Birthday Cakes

From chocolate to vanilla, the flavors of a cake are numerous. Here are 5 of the best cakes to celebrate the joy of a birthday –


  • Chocolate truffle cake –A classic chocolate cake with a gorgeous assortment of crunchy truffle bits on the top is always a delight. With great taste and popularity, come great health hazards. Fortunately, your mind can be put to rest, now that sugarfree variants of these cakes are there to curb your worry.
  • Red velvet cake -A red velvet cake is a joyous mixture of buttermilk and succulent red cherries, presented with joy and delight that all crave. Present this cake on a birthday and see the joy light up on his or her face.
  • Pineapple Cake -A classic chocolate cake with a gorgeous assortment of crunchy truffle bits on the top is always a delight. With great taste and popularity, comes great health hazards. Fortunately, your mind can be put to rest, now that sugarfree variants of these cakes have been invented.
  • Vanilla CakeA snow-white vanilla cake is soothing to the eyes, as it is to the taste buds. Made from the finest vanilla cream, this cake is truly a joy to partake in, perfect for any birthday event or occasion.
  • Black forest Cake–A creamilicious infusion of chocolate and vanilla is what this cake is. Get the flavor of the finest chocolate and vanilla in this cake. After all, what is better than the two of the most savory components in a cake. Get the two of the best worlds in a specially baked black forest cake.
  • Pineapple Cake–The relishing taste of the finest pineapple, infused in a soft, spongy cake is always a delight and joy to be enamored in. Get the taste of the best pineapple essence in the sugary, mushy, sponginess of a cake.
  • Mango cake–A mango is one the rarest and the most succulent fruits to indulge in. What better taste is there than a mango flavored cake? Get the juiciness of a the finest mango in a cake. Whether it is your friend’s birthday, or your anniversary, be assured that none can be disappointed to taste a mango cake.

Cake delivery

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6 Of The Best Rakhis for Your Brother

Choosing a Rakhi gift for your brother, out of all the varieties available online may seem like a harrowing task.

3 Of The Best Flower Bouquet Combinations for Your Sister This Rakhi

A Rakhi is a day of delight for both the brother and the sister. The ceremony is commemorated with the sister tying the wonder Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist.

8 Of The Most Memorable Raksha Bandhan Messages for Your Brother

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan does not simply end with the sister tying the sacred thread of Rakhi on the wrist of her beloved brother. Her brother is undoubtedly cold and emotion-less in her mind, infact a bonafide tough guy with a heart of steel who pays no attention to his sister. This all changes as the occasion of Raksha Bandhan comes. See how his heart melts with joy and affection for his sister, as she ties the thread of Rakhi on his wrist. He showers her with the best gifts and presents, delighting her.


Raksha Bandhan messages

The day of Raksha Bandhan is as joyous as it is auspicious. Gifts and treats are exchanged by both, a brother and his sister, as everyone in the family celebrates with joy. What is more memorable to a brother than receiving a heart touching message from his sister on this day? Messages that express her delight and happiness, and express her reverence for his presence in her life. Here are some of the messages –


  1. I may have seemed overly fussy, or protective, when you were a kid. But as an elder sister I feel obligated to do so. No matter how old you are, you will always be my little brother! Happy Raksha Bandhan!
  2. In our childhood we were so happy and full of life. I wish we could return to those days once again. Happy Raksha Bandhan, brother!
  3. Waking up in the middle of the night and crying after I had a horrible nightmare, was a near everyday routine when I was a kid. If it weren’t for you angrily shaking me and telling me that it was only a dream, I would have never slept. Thank you and happy Raksha Bandhan, brother.
  4. Maybe I cried a lot when I was a kid when you beat me in chess. But was there ever a dull moment? I do not believe so. Either way, happy Raksha Bandhan, bro!
  5. I remember you had once scolded me for making you worry after I returned home at 10 PM. I shrugged that off then, but now I realize the worry you had to go through. Sorry and happy Raksha Bandhan, bro!
  6. I still have not figured out how you manage to get through the man-hole and pull me out when I had fallen into it. But it does not matter how anymore. Thank you, and happy Raksha bandhan!
  7. No matter how impossible the situation is, I can always rely upon you to bail me out of it. Thank you, sister!
  8. No matter how happy or dejected, your antics always cheered me up. Happy Raksha Bandhan little sister!

From getting Rakhis to intricately designed cards, the rakhi delivery service caters to everything.  So get some raksha bandhan cards and buy some of the best best rakhi gifts for brother.


5 Kinds of Friendship Day Gifts for Your Best Friend

Friendship day is a special day. It honors and reveres the one person who has always stood by your side time and time again – the one we call friend.

Know About The Top 3 Anniversary Flower Bouquets

From the passion-filled embrace of a red rose, to the purity and innocence of a pink lily, a flower undoubtedly caters to all. Whether it is a bouquet or a flower basket, nobody can ever be disappointed upon receiving a bundle of flowers.

4 Of The Best Rakhis to Get for Your Brother

Whether a sister ties the sacred thread of Rakhi on the wrist of her elder brother, or she ties a Rakhi on her younger brother’s wrist, the joy of this event delights all.

Three Best Combination of Flowers and Cakes That You can Order Online

Cakes and flowers are the two most notable products anybody can imbibe. Get the best of these two whenever and wherever, and for any occasion or event.

4 Best Cakes to Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday

A birthday is always special. When it comes to celebrating your friend’s birthday what is more delightful than a cake. Moist, spongy, and sugary, a cake comes with every variety of flavor, shapes, and sizes.

3 Special Kinds of Flowers to Gift Your Sister this Rakhi

A celebration of Raksha Bandhan is always a special day for a brother and a sister. It highlights the special bond that they share.

3 Of the Most Heartfelt Friendship Day Gifts for Your Friend

They say that friends are the siblings that were never given to us. They are the lights of our lives, without which there would be nothing but darkness.

4 Romantic Gifts to Spice Up Your Love Life

The love experienced by two people is always special. From gifting bouquets of red roses, to getting cakes filled with the creamilicious goodness of chocolate for your lover, the atmosphere of romance is always in the air.

3 Rakhi Gifts That a Sister can Gift Her Brother

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is always special. It accentuates the tender love and delight of a brother and sister. Immerse yourself in this auspicious eve as the sister ties the thread of Rakhi on her brother’s wrist.

5 Best Combinations Of Flowers And Cakes To Give Your Friends On Friendship Day

What is better than flowers and cakes for your friend on friendship day? Whether it is a bouquet of red roses, or a basket of pink lilies, you can be sure that nothing is better than a combination of these two.

5 Rakhi Gifts That You Can Give Your Sister Living Abroad

Whether a cake is better or a box of chocolates for your sister on Rakhi, this is something you can debate with your friends on.