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10 Colorful Birthday Themed Cakes to Light Up Your Child’s Special Day

It is that time of the year again – birthday! A much anticipated day of celebration in a year, birthdays are always a delight and joy to all. From kids to adults, everybody from anywhere in the globe, looks forward to this day. Gifts are exchanged and multitudes of lights and colorations decorate this eve. But the one aspect of this event that always remains constant is the tradition of cakes. From slices of cakes being exchanged, to candles being blown out, a cake is always special on birthdays.


Birthday cakes for children

Children are the purest beings of joy. This is why a celebration to cherish a child growing into adulthood is always a grand event. Nothing punctuates this notion than these specially themed birthday cakes. Knowing your child the best, you can always choose his favourite cartoon character or his best game for the cake theme, to make it more special for him/her. Here are some themed cakes apt for this occasion –


Princess birthday cake – Make your little girl feel like a princess on her birthday, with this lovely princess themed cake. Watch with joy as she blows the candles on her special birthday cake.



Smartphone Theme Cake – Specially baked for your tech loving child, this stylish and elegant cake is all there to make his/her day. Infused with the perfect blend of pineapple, vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch the cake is sure to take your heart away.




Octopus Theme Cake – A sweet creamilicious sugary surprise with the head of a cute and cuddly octopus is guaranteed to be a delight to not just children, but to all.



Nemo Themed Cake – Bearing the likeness of your child’s favorite Disney character Nemo, this cake is as good looking as it’s tasty. Get a Nemo themed birthday cake online.



Jungle Book Theme Cake – Bring to life all the lovable characters of the ever popular children’s classic, Jungle Book, is this cake. Get this Jungle book themed cake for your kid and relive the magic of the magical tale once again.



Doremon Theme Cake – The adorable blue cat, Doremon is loved by not just children but by all. Get this bestselling Doremon themed cake today!



Cricket Theme Cake – Whether it is batting, bowling, or fielding, cricket is a lot of fun to everybody. Now get this special cricket themed cake and relight your love for this sport. This cake is every cricket lover’s dream.



Angry Birds Theme Cake – A game that has always been dear to kids “Angry Birds”. Nothing is greater joy and delight to a videogame loving kid than angry birds on a cake.



Circus Theme Cake – The joy and frivolity of a thrilling circus is sure to make your child feel truly special on this special day. Get this specially made circus themed cake just for him or her.



Dora Theme Cake – The ever popular cartoon character Dora the explorer is always a delight to kids. Get the likeness of Dora’s cheerful face on this wonderful birthday cake.



All these cakes and more are easily available for online cake delivery. Visit the online cake page and get these cakes for your special child today!